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Kusala Consulting was created with the idea in mind to rendez-vous with as many groups, associations, counselors, businesses and individuals as possible.
Understanding our mindset through our emotions and our desires, is the key factor to following the path of least resistance.
Kusala Consulting focuses on your mindset, on your desires, your desired outcomes, your dreams and infinite possibilities. We are here to remind you that you can never get it wrong.

Why Kusala? And what does it mean?

Kusala is a Sanskrit word which means, depending on the context, skilful, clever, expert, based on wisdom or intelligence, good, beneficial, right, virtuous, meritorious, lucky, happy, healthy, prosperous, profitable.

Kusala enjoys similar elasticity of meaning as the word 'good' in English, in that it can denote either moral goodness or technical excellence. Its manifestation is purity and desirable results.

When denoting moral qualities, its cultivation leads to prosperity and happiness on a worldly level and supreme bliss on a higher level.

I have wanted to introduce a word that people are not really familiar with so we can cultivate the real feeling of alignment and connect it to a new word in our vocabulary.

I strongly believe that we are powerful beyond any idea that we have made up about ourselves. I believe we create our own reality, I believe we are able to create wonderful things in our lifetime, I believe our dreams and our desires guide us in that direction. I believe you can have evidence of your power right here, right now. I believe that expansion depends on us and that we must embrace the fact that we are creating in every moment. Are you consciously aware of this?

“Your desires and dreams allow for expansion”

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About Raffaella

Raffaella Russignaga

Born in Durban, South Africa and raised in Trieste, Italy. Raffaella has spent her life travelling and residing in various countries around the world. She has been constantly asking questions, inspired by the desire to look at and experience life from a different perspective. During her younger years she dedicated herself completely to her work on-board luxury cruise liners. She simply observed, striving to understand how to live her life with “the least suffering impact”; deeply desiring to find the ultimate thought, the ultimate belief or pattern that would ensure, what she believed to be her goal: achieving a “successful life”.

After more than 10 years of sailing around the world, Raffaella found herself working in London and later on decided to settle down in Spain. The realization came to her here, in Spain that there was something more she desired apart from obtaining success. She wanted to know what was it that would allow her to access her full potential at all times. Why was it that sometimes she would feel happy and content and other times not. This period of her life represented a radical turn of events and answers to life changing questions were revealed to her.

Raffaella now, continues to travel around the world with her loving partner and speaks to small and larger groups that have specific questions in regards to their businesses, passions, desires and dreams. She enjoys sharing her passion of seeing the bigger picture and inviting anyone who wishes to listen, to keep what works and to let go of what does not. The results have been significant and astonishing. Her satisfaction in sharing her insights with other people has become her passion.


Consulting/ Businesses

Consulting/ Businesses

Your dreams and passions are direct reflections of how you would like to feel within your businesses, within your place of employment. Your beliefs and thoughts are the basic foundation of your perceptions and therefore your actions stem from there.
Thinking and doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome will result in frustration. Having a different feeling, a different perspective, new aligned beliefs and allow yourself to have different thoughts and beliefs will change the outcome; how to see your business grow, how to practice a vision that empowers you and others. To share and give more of yourself to the world.
Consulting services also include re-evaluating definitions regarding your employees, co workers, the competition and social opinions about lack.

“Your desires and your dreams hold all the information you need”

One on One Sessions

Your desire to discuss what you want and why you want it, focusing on the way you would prefer to feel without needing the circumstances and events to change. Wanting to understand that you do have a choice to be in charge of the perception you hold and realising that you do not need to believe everything your mind says.

One on one sessions give you the opportunity to question your thoughts, your beliefs. Asking yourself what perceptions empower you and which ones don't. It's all about seeing what before you were unable to see, it's about wanting to make a decision of a new version of yourself. Creating a new personal reality, a new personality!

“Allowing yourself to believe, simply because it feels so good”

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Keynote Speaker

Bridging the gap from where you are to where you prefer to be. Introducing a new perspective based on how it feels. What is possible in comparison to what is considered probable. Realising that beliefs are simply thoughts that are thought repeatedly.
Introducing a new dynamic in any environment, starting from a desire and realising that with every new desire one is invited to “feel” differently. With every new dream, every new desire is a responsibility to be a “new” you.


• Resistance, limiting beliefs, what is possible?
• The physical platform of duality
• What are emotions indicating and why we feel what we feel
• The misperception of lack
• The mind as a tool
• Alignment mind, body and the non physical
• Conscious Awareness

“You are brilliant and you are magnificent, believing anything less than this, is madness!”

  • Raffaella has inspired me to get in touch with who I really am. Through her own personal story, through her energy and constant dedication she is an example of how we can achieve and aspire to be anything we want to be by doing what pleases us and following our heart. Her conversations are fueled with laughter and practical examples on how we need to be gentle on ourselves, and finding the feelings to stay tuned in tapped in and turned on!!
    Lara Guillaumier Shaw
  • Raffaella not only helped to relieve the gloom of my dark days, she helped me see the sun where before I saw only clouds. She helped me see things in me I could not see or not even think where there. She believed in me so much I started to believe in me too. She loved me simply for what I am, she is one of a kind, a jewel.

    Simona Sim
  • I can’t put into words how much Raffaella has helped me on this journey called life. I was referred to Raffaella by my sister who met her while in Malta. I had been going through a difficult time in my life financially and was in fear of losing my house or even selling it. When I first met Raffaella I was really unsure what I needed to do to change my life to accept abundance and not live in fear and lack. She has taught me that the universe will deliver what I concentrate on. I started to envision abundance and love. Within a short time less than three weeks I received offers for two jobs on exactly the days I needed and for the money I needed. I am still in awe how she has helped me realize not to live in fear and in lack. My life is only getting better since I have had sessions with Raffaella. She is truly an angel!
    Mary Ann Behm
  • Raffaella Russignaga is a delightful speaker with a wealth of knowledge to share. Her bright enthusiasm and upbeat, positive energy is contagious, and her method of sharing the practical application of abundance practices is easy for even a novice to follow. I couldn’t recommend Raffaella more highly; she is a great example of what happens when an open, compassionate heart meets a vibrant, lucid mind—she is a great catalysing force for personal transformation.

    Lisa Rapp
  • Raffaella is an amazing woman. Meeting her has been one of the highlights of mine and my husband’s lives. Being raised in dire conditions as a child, she amazingly took herself out of that situation, at a very young age, to become a successful business woman and world traveller. She has always expressed her “true self,” which many of us find hard to do. She thinks outside the box, she listens, with intention, to others, and she is incredibly happy and a joy to be around.
    Vanessa Stockton Compton
  • How do you capture in words the essence of a person with the depth and spirit of Raffaella? It is not entirely possible, however, in my humble attempt I would offer the following. I have only known Raffaella for a short period of time and yet she feels like a soul I have known for several lifetimes. The rapport was immediate and sincere, like re-connecting with a long lost friend after a strenuous journey.

    She has a gift for such connections, and her energy makes all who she encounters feel valued and heard. Her thought provoking, sometimes envelope pushing dialogues have the propensity to stretch both mind and soul. Raffaella is a teacher, a guide, and a gifted story teller. Her mentoring skills came into my life at the exact moment I needed them, and I will forever feel blessed by that initial, universally orchestrated encounter.
    Michelle Baker
  • 3 years ago, I was in a very, very dark place and shared some of my turmoil in an online, spiritually-focused group. Raffaella, also a member of this group, reached out to me via private message offering support and guidance from the perspective of someone who had been in that dark place but had shifted to a place of connectedness and joyful well-being. This led to many life changing interactions in which she again and again presented, with great clarity and patience, a new perspective of life and reality.

    I watched myself gradually (and sometimes very dramatically) shift from a theoretical understanding that I am worthy and everything I want and need is already within me to actually living this truth. I am amazed by the way our conversations, interactions, and my daily experiences continue to constantly expand to encompass new shifts and perspectives.

    I can honestly say that a major reason for me not completely succumbing to despair and why I am closer to being and living as who I truly am is because of the loving, generous, and divinely connected Raffaella.

    Arlene Batson-George

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